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Peter has an innate ability to combine professionalism, integrity and superior performance with compassion for his clients and co-workers.


Business Manager

He knows business strategies, customer relations and has great empathy...He really knows how to work partnerships with existing and potential clients.


Marketing & Sales

Peter opened up lines of communication between managers and employees and between the partners. His work allowed me to gain more personal time…greater personal enjoyment, professional fulfillment and increased productivity.



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Peter’s calm manner and organized system was a grounding force. He was always there when I got overwhelmed, and his re-alignment always welcome.


Service Business

It’s easy to get carried away with quick success - and we did increase profits by 72% - but Peter helped keep me grounded in the really important aspects of my life and my personal aspirations.



I highly recommend Peter; he has coached me through both career transition as well as developing professionally in a current job. Peter approaches coaching with warmth and compassion, while always keeping the larger and deeper goal in focus. He is a great listener and keeps you moving forward.


Senior Account Executive

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